Department of Health as one of the lead agency in the implementation of Magna Carta of Women 9710 through the Health Policy Development and Planning Bureau aims to provide relevant basic information on Gender and Development to guide planners and staff on integrating GAD in policies, programs, and projects. References : PCW-NEDA-DBM Joint Circular No. continue reading : GAD

Gender and Development (GAD)

Gender and Development (GAD)   Circulars from PCW, COA, OPAPP :  COA_C2014-001 – Revised GLs in the Audit of GAD Funds and Actvts in GAs Joint Circular -2012-01-GAD-Plan-Budget-AR-Preparation-MCW MC2011-01 GAD-Focal-Point-Guidelines 102111 PCW MC 2015-04 GAD Budget Call PCW-OPAPP_Joint_Memorandum_Circular_2014-01_Women_Peace_PAPs_GPB DMs on Submission of GARs and GPBs :  DM 2011-0046 – Submission of 2010 GAD ARs and continue reading : Gender and Development (GAD)

The Health Planning Division

HEALTH PLANNING DIVISION Enables the health sector stakeholders in the development and assessment of plans and its corresponding resource requirements, and supports the DOH in advocating for adequate national government financing. Functions: Formulates the national health plans, goals and objectives including investment and budget plans for health.  Provides technical assistance, consulting and advisory services on continue reading : The Health Planning Division