Health Policy Division

Statement of Purpose:

Advice and supports policymakers in the development and assessment of quality and evidence-based sectoral and program policies to achieve health sector goals through an inclusive and efficient policy process.


  • Formulates the health sector policy agenda covering
    health service delivery, health regulation, health care
    financing and governance development.
  • Manages the health policy development process.
  • Develops and coordinates sectoral and internal systems
    and processes for health policy development.
  • Provides technical assistance, consulting and advisory
    services on matters pertaining to health policy


  • Policy Agenda
  • Policy Documents and Issuances
       Strategy Papers
       Policy Briefs
       Sectoral/Program Issuances formulated or reviewed
       (IRRs, EOs, AOs, DOs)
        Minutes, Resolutions and Directives (DOH Execom, NHSM)
  • Policy Dialogues/Fora (RTDs, Public Consultations, Policy Forum, Brown Bag Sessions)
  • Inter-Agency/Multi-Sectoral Coordination and Linkages
  • Technical Assistance on Policy Development